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International Journal of Molecular Sciences


Associations of HLA class II alleles with genital chlamydial infection outcomes have been reported, especially HLA DQB1*06. However, the potential role of DQB1*06 in influencing reinfection risk has still not been established. The purpose of this study was to determine whether the association of DQB1*06 with chlamydia reinfection was impacted by any other nearby HLA class II variants that were also associated with reinfection. We used next-generation sequencing to map HLA class II variants spanning the HLA-DQ and -DR loci. DQB1*06 as well as DQB1*04 were confirmed as significant predictors of chlamydia reinfection, when controlling for age and percent African ancestry. SKAT analysis revealed one region each in DRB1, DRB5, DQA2, and three intergenic regions that had variants associated with reinfection. Further analyses of these variants revealed that rs112651494 within DRB5 and an intergenic SNP rs617058 in DRB1:DQA1 were significantly associated with reinfection, but this did not impact the significance of the association of DQB1*06 or DQB1*04 with reinfection.


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PMID: 37958786; PMCID: PMC10647357

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