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Download Sánchez-López, Lourdes. (2012). Front matter (pp. -xiv). (398 KB)

Download Doyle, Michael S. (2012). Continuing Theoretical Cartography in the Language for Specific Purposes Era (pp. 2-13). (842 KB)

Download Long, Mary K. (2012). Language for Specific Purposes Job Announcements from the Modern Language Association Job Lists: A Multiyear Analysis (pp. 15-29). (468 KB)

Download Ramírez, Carmen King de, & Barbara A. Lafford. (2012). Spanish for the Professions: Program Design and Assessment (pp. 31-41). (318 KB)

Download Barajas, Leticia. (2012). Spanish for Professional Purposes: An Overview of the Curriculum in the Tri-state Region (pp. 42-61). (365 KB)

Download Sánchez-López, Lourdes. (2012). The Spanish for Specific Purposes Certificate (SSPC) Program: Meeting the Professional Needs of Students and Community (pp. 62-72). (266 KB)

Download Nzengou-Tayo, Marie-José, & Gilles Lubeth. (2012). French for International Conference at The University of the West Indies, Mona: Total Simulation in the Teaching of Languages for Specific Purposes (pp. 73-86). (351 KB)

Download Long, Sheri Spaine. (2012). The Unexpected Spanish for Specific Purposes Professor: A Tale of Two Institutions (pp. 88-98). (204 KB)

Download Spezzini, Susan, Lisa A. La Cross, & Julia S. Austin. (2012). A Doctoral Student’s Shift from Modified AAVE to Academic English: Evidence for Establishing a Language for Specific Purposes Focus (pp. 99-108). (289 KB)

Download Huang, Yahui Anita. (2012). Teaching Business Chinese: The Importance and Methodology of Building Pragmatic Competence and the Case of Buhaoyisi (pp. 110-120). (197 KB)

Download Seay, Susan, Susan Spezzini, & Julia A. Austin. (2012). Enhancing Language for Specific Purposes through Interactive, Peer-to-Peer Oral Techniques (pp. 121-128). (172 KB)

Download Shaw-Saleh, Kristi, Susan Olmstead-Wang, Helen Dolive, Kent D. Hamilton. (2012). Orchestrating a Job Search Clinic for International Scholars and Students (pp. 129-137). (203 KB)


A collection of select peer-reviewed scholarly articles developed from concepts and positions presented and generated at the First International Symposium on Languages for Specific Purposes (ISLSP, 2012) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (US).



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University of Alabama at Birmingham


Birmingham, AL


Education | Language and Literacy Education

Scholarship and Teaching on Languages for Specific Purposes



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