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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Public Health


In addition to the role of physical activity (PA) in the prevention of chronic disease and premature death, PA may have psychosocial benefits. We examined the association between four different domains of PA and three outcomes that may contribute to the emotional and mental well being of individuals. This is a secondary analysis of community dwelling adults with diabetes and chronic pain in which we examined the association between four domains of PA and learning (measured using diabetes knowledge, self efficacy in diabetes and pain management), pain coping strategies, perceived stress, and depression. Regression models were used to model changes in PA and outcome variables, with generalized estimating equations to account for clustered sampling. Results indicated that increases in PA assessed by change in perception of one’s own PA levels compared to others were associated with improvement in pain management self efficacy but not diabetes knowledge or diabetes management self efficacy. Increases in several domains of PA were associated with improvements in pain coping strategies. Finally, increases in usual daily PA levels were associated with decreases in the levels of perceived stress but not depressive symptoms. Reframing the benefits of PA to include affective benefits such as improvements in self efficacy, coping, and stress may be a potential strategy to promote PA.

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