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Purpose: To determine the best method of cleaning saliva-contaminated zirconia in order to regain its bond strength. Methods: Flat blocks of zirconia were particle-abraded with aluminum oxide and divided into eight groups (n=10). Groups 1-5 were first treated with 1 coat of an MDP-primer (Z-Prime Plus, Bisco) and groups 5-8 were left untreated. All specimens were contaminated with human saliva for 3 minutes other than the control (group 1). The specimens were then cleaned by rinsing with water for 20 sec (groups 2 and 5), cleaning with 35% phosphoric acid for 20 sec and rinsing (group 3 and 6), cleaning with a zirconia cleaning solution (Ivoclean®, Ivoclar Vivadent) for 20 sec and rinsing with water for 20 sec (group 4 and 7), or abrading with aluminum oxide particles and rinsing (group 5). Following the cleaning procedure, group 4-8 were treated with 1 coat of Z-Prime Plus. A 2.5mm diameter tube was filled with composite (Z100, 3M ESPE), placed over the zirconia surface and light cured. Specimens were then stored in water (37C for 24 hours) followed by thermocycling (5°C to 55°C for 10,000 cycles). Shear bond strength testing was performed at 1mm/min. Bond strength values were compared to the control using a Dunnett’s test (alpha=0.05). Results: Groups 2(Pretreated with MDP primer and cleaned with water following contamination with saliva) 5 (Pretreated with MDP primer and abrade with aluminum oxided particles following contamination)and 8 (untreated specimens that were clean with Ivoclean following contamination) were not significantly different than the control. Application of Z-prime made the surface of the zirconia more hydrophobic. Conclusion: If MDP is applied prior to contamination, rinsing off the saliva with water will preserve bond strength. If contamination occurs following MDP application, particle-abrasion or cleaning with Ivoclean will preserve bond strength to Zirconia.

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