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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Education


Within in this qualitative study, the researcher sought to explore the experiences of administrators engaged in shared leadership development within organizations defined as public-private partnerships. The researcher utilized a phenomenological approach comprised of data collected from one-on-one interviews with ten participants currently serving as top-level executive administrators within their respective organizations. The qualitative data gathered from the one-on-one interviews revealed how these participants experienced the phenomenon of shared leadership development, as well as the shared leadership development strategies employed. In addition, the qualitative data revealed how the shared leadership development methods unfolded within each participant's organization. These revelations occurred following the process of data analysis in which the themes of "tenure longevity," "climate balance," "face-to-face synergy," "give-and-take exchange," "decision-making process connection," "a stake in the vision," and "fluid operations" emerged. It was the researcher's intent to provide for a greater understanding of shared leadership development methods and strategies to better support the sustainability of shared leadership models within public-private partnerships. Furthermore, the researcher sought a greater knowledge regarding the "hows" and "whys" with regard to shared leadership development within collaborative organizational structures, as organizational leaders increasingly adopt various shared leadership models that contrast with traditional hierarchical, or top-down, leadership models. This qualitative phenomenological research study is significant as it not only provides insight into shared leadership development methods, but also contributes to a growing body of scholarly work and provides a conduit for future studies concerning the central phenomenon - shared leadership.

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