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ABSTRACT The purpose of this investigation was to examine estimates of energy expenditure from the Actigraph GT3X tracking device compared to that obtained by indirect calorimetry. Twenty-seven healthy Caucasian males at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (age 20-30 y) with a BMI range of 19.5 and 30 kg/m2 were asked to wear an Actigraph GT3X on the wrist, hip, and ankle while performing exercise on a treadmill, bike, and upper body ergometer in randomized order. After twelve regressions divided into two sections 4 with ankle, hip, and wrist included in the model, and 4 with the ankle site omitted) the data from the final analysis indicate that identical devices worn on different regions of the body provide different estimates of energy expenditure. These finding suggest that the Actigraph GT3X does not accurately estimate energy expenditure while worn at any site on the body during arm or leg ergometry and is only associated with energy expenditure while walking on a treadmill at a faster rate (3.5 mph vs. 2.5 mph). The study show that energy expenditure estimated with the Actigraph worn on the hip (.053) and wrist (.760) was most closely associated with energy expenditure obtained from the metabolic cart at higher walking speed (P > 0.05). Key words: accelerometry, energy expenditure, modality, diffusion of innovation, physical activity

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