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There is substantial evidence indicating that mechanisms of inequality negatively affect health, yet little is known about the health outcomes of transgender populations across the life course. Despite consistent evidence showing that transgender persons in the United States face overt and covert discrimination, discrimination as it relates to age remains unexplored. Age discrimination has implications for transpersons’ mental and physical health outcomes and warrants further exploration. This analysis uses data from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey to examine the relationship between age and discrimination, and to determine how this relationship may play a potential role in producing health disparities between mental and physical health outcomes in transidentified persons. Models are estimated using OLS and logistic regression. I find preliminary support for the relationship between age and discrimination, as well as support for their relationship to the mental and physical health outcomes of transidentified persons. Results suggest that age is a mechanism which influences the reporting of discriminatory experiences and that discrimination does interact with additional life factors (income, length of time occupying gender identity fulltime, natal sex assignment, race, etc.) to affect mental and physical health.



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