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Master of Science in Dentistry (MScD) School of Dentistry


Objective: to evaluate the effect of specialization and experience on treatment planning multidisciplinary cases. Materials and Methods: A survey presenting 7 clinical scenarios and their potential treatment plans was designed and disseminated electronically to five groups of dentists (general dentists, endodontists, prosthodontists, orthodontists, periodontists). 509 responses were collected and analyzed for distribution and levels of agreement. Results: A moderate kappa was found (k=0.4-0.6) between endodontists and periodontists and within endodontists. There was no agreement on the type of restorations that are used between different specialties and within specialties of different years of experience. Conclusion: Specialists and general dentists use a similar approach in their decisionmaking process. The more complex the clinical presentation, the more divergence there is in selecting treatment modalities. General dentists and specialists recognize the importance of periodontal health and the role of orthodontic therapy in cases of missing or affected teeth and overall treatment planning. Endodontists consistently chose root canal therapy instead of dental replacement. Work setting does not appear to influence iv treatment planning decisions. More experienced dentists (>20 years) tend to choose less conservative restorative treatments when compared to newer graduates. Interdisciplinary collaboration during treatment can enhance the patient’s outcome as each specialist expands the envelope of available treatment options.

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