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Objective: The purpose of this study is to evaluate skeletal stability at a minimum of one year following maxillary advancement distraction osteogenesis with the KLS Martin RED II System in non-syndromic CLP patients treated at UAB SOD. Methods: This retrospective cohort study evaluated 20 non-syndromic CLP patients (12 males, 8 females, average age 10.97) treated at the UAB SOD by the same surgeon for maxillary hypoplasia with rigid external distraction using the RED II System (KLS Mar-tin Group, Tuttlingen, Germany). Pre-surgical (T1), post-consolidation (T2), and LTFU (T3) radiographs were digitized and analyzed with via a custom analysis to evaluate treatment effects. Results: Advancement of the maxilla was observed in all patients from T1-T2 as evidenced by positive changes SNA and MD of 8.9° and a 7.7 mm AP change in maxillary skeletal landmarks. Relapse occurred on average 30-33% relative to Sperp. No significant predictors of relapse or stability were discovered. Similarly, neither gender nor UCLP/BCLP correlations with relapse rates were identified. Conclusion: External distraction osteogenesis is an option for advancing a retrusive maxilla in adolescents with CLP. However, at this time, long-term stability is unpredictable. Future studies should acknowledge Sella-perpendicular as a more accurate assessment of maxillary relapse in a growing population instead of anterior references using Nasion.

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