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Daneesh O Simien

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Haibin Ning

Clayton E Simien

Derrick Dean

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Master of Science in Materials Engineering (MSMtE) School of Engineering


This thesis is dedicated to exploring the separation technique of single wall carbon nanotube (SWNTs). Limited by the commercial synthesis method and required by the self-repaired nanocomposites project, the SWNTs was separated by length and chirality. In length separation, the density gradient ultracentrifugation (DGU) technique was applied. We have optimized the processing procedure for sorting single wall carbon nanotubes by length. A good length distribution was obtained from ~600nm to ~60 nm by layers. A new approach, aqueous two-phase separation (ATPS), was used for metallic-semiconducting separation of SWNTs. We studied the surfactants’ influence in a two-phase system, polyethylene glycol (PEG) – dextran solution, for isolating single chirality. Three types of semiconducting SWNTs were isolated, including (7, 5), (8,4), (9, 4); and one metallic SWNTs, (6, 6), was obtained. We found the concentration of surfactant could control the separation behavior, as the concentration of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) increasing smaller diameter of SWNTs will be partition into PEG phase. The effective SDS concentration was ~0.9wt% to ~ 1.6wt% while kept the DOC concentration under 0.04wt%. The sodium cholate (SC) was added to further separate the metallicsemiconducting SWNTs from the diameter groups of SWNTs.

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