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David L Littlefield

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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) School of Engineering


Beginning with a brief introduction to fundamental concepts in computational plasticity, a new return algorithm is presented and its accuracy analyzed against the generalized trapezoid and midpoint rules of Ortiz and Popov (1985). Development of the new scheme, labeled Time Centered Plastic Strain (TCPS), is motivated by the observation that the generalized methods disassociate the evaluation of the two parts of the flow rule, the plastic multiplier and the gradient of the plastic potential. TCPS addresses this flaw by incorporating an explicit evaluation of the flow rule in its formulation. Error plots are presented utilizing two test cases, the von Mises model with mixed linear hardening and the Drucker Prager model with linear isotropic hardening. An optimization study is also conducted for each algorithm and for both test cases minimizing the algorithmic error as a function of an adjustable parameter, α and a given strain increment.

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