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S R Hernandez

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Jeffrey H Burkhardt

Peter M Ginter

Thomas L Powers

Richard M Shewchuk

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Health Professions


This study addresses a gap that has been noted in the charitable fundraising literature, which is a scarcity of theoretically-based studies of fundraising by nonprofit organizations and the need to study fundraising within sub-sectors of organizations rather than the full nonprofit sector. The study uses institutional theory and strategic management constructs to examine the characteristics of the fundraising operations of nonprofit organizations. A categorization scheme is created based on nonprofit organizational effectiveness and performance characteristics to analyze fundraising by nonprofit hospital organizations as an organizational field. The categorization scheme identifies distinct clusters of organizations that are then investigated to determine if there are differences between them on the basis of structure (configuration and staffing), maturity (endowment status) and legitimacy (level of corporate and foundation support). Results indicate three distinct clusters that can be differentiated on staffing, maturity, corporate and foundation support but not on configuration. Profiles are then developed to characterize the three groups of organizations.



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