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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Heersink School of Medicine


GH receptor (GHR) binds GH in its extracellular domain (ECD) to activate the GHR-associated cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase, JAK2. IGF-1 binds IGF-1R, a disulfide-linked heterotetramer with tyrosine kinase activity in its intracellular domain (ICD). Classically, IGF-1 is a GH effector in a “linear” GH→GHR→IGF-1→IGF-1R pathway. Our recent studies suggest IGF-1R also subserves GH signaling in several novel ways: 1) GH induces a GHR-JAK2-IGF-1R complex, whose formation is independent of tyrosine phosphorylation of any of the partners; 2) Cotreatment with IGF-1 augments acute GH signaling; 3) deletion of IGF-1R in primary osteoblasts or human prostate cancer cells blunts acute GH signaling. In IGF-1R-deficient primary osteoblasts, adenovirally-driven re-expression of wild-type IGF-1R normalizes GH-induced STAT5 phosphorylation, but re-expression of a truncated IGF-1R that lacks most of its ICD (including its kinase domain) partially rescues GH-induced STAT5 activation and IGF-1 gene expression. Thus, IGF-1R ICD and kinase are dispensable for some of the IGF-1R functional collaboration with acute GH signaling. We now examine how protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP) activity influences GHR-IGF-1R collaboration. In primary osteoblasts, pre-incubation with orthovanadate, a general phosphatase inhibitor, is capable of rescuing diminished STAT5 activation induced by GH upon the deletion of IGF-1R, suggesting the involvement of phosphatase(s) in the functional collaboration between IGF-1R and GH signaling pathway. Furthermore, specific PTP-1B inhibitor recapitulates the rescuing effect of orthovanadate, but specific SHP1/2 inhibitor does not. Analogous to orthovanadate and specific PTP-1B inhibitor, adenovirus driven expression of a catalytically-inactive PTP1B also rescues diminished STAT5 activation induced by GH upon the deletion of IGF-1R. Similar re-sults are obtained as well in LnCap cells wherein the IGF-1R is markedly deleted via Sh-RNA mediated strategy. Taken together, these data suggest that the activity of PTP-1B or association of PTP-1B with some component(s) within GH signaling pathway is en-hanced upon the deletion of IGF-1R, hence the observed result of diminished STAT5 activation.



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