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Over the past 30 years, teacher turnover has increased significantly (Simon & Johnson, 2015), contributing to the teacher shortage in the United States. This shortage of teachers has necessitated the employment of more teacher candidates from non-traditional teacher certification pathways. Espinoza et al. (2018) found that teachers from non-traditional certification pathways are “2 to 3 times more likely to leave teaching than fully prepared teachers” (p. 1). Given that teacher retention would help solve the teacher shortage problem (Ingersoll, 2001), it is important to determine what working conditions and support would encourage these non-traditional certification pathway teachers to stay in the profession. This information is critical to educational leaders trying to maintain a faculty that is well equipped to utilize best practice instruction to meet the needs of students. Students also benefit from the stability of engaging in relationships with teachers who stay in their teaching positions over time. This study’s findings indicate that strong, positive relationships are key to retaining teachers from a non-traditional preparation path, particularly those relationships with administrators, and other teachers in the building.

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