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THE PROCESS BY WHICH THREE ELEMENTARY PRINCIPALS IMPLEMENT RESPONSE TO INTERVENTION WITH ENGLISH LEARNERS BETH HALES EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP ABSTRACT The purpose of this case study was to explore the process by which elementary principals exercise leadership in the implementation of Response To Intervention with regard to English Learner students. Although several studies have dealt with the implementation of RTI with respect to English Learners, few studies have focused upon the leadership roles of principals in the process of implementation. This case study examined the leadership roles played by principals in the implementation of RTI with regards to English Learners. Individual and focus group interviews were used to assess the perceptions of leadership and decision making of three elementary school principals as they implemented Response to Intervention with English Learners. Problem Solving Team observations were also used to further understand the leadership style of the three principals and how those styles affected the decision making process when working with a committee. The results revealed there is a proportional alignment of the three perceptions of leadership theory, the principal’s perception of his/her own leadership, and the problem solving team members perception of the leadership of their principal. When theory, principal, and committee members perception of the leadership style of the principal align the committee functions more effectively than when the perceptions of the three lenses do not align. This research provides administrators with a better understanding of leadership styles by means of a thorough understanding of their leadership styles. This research also provides committee members with the understanding of leadership styles in order to work complementary with the educational leaders in their institutions.

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