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One of the most pressing issues concerning persons with developmental disabilities is making sure their needs are met once they reach adulthood. As adults, they should have the abilities and skills to be as independent as possible and to be contributing members of society. Without the proper services and help, though, this may not be possible for a large portion of this population. Research suggests that supportive employment services alone may not be enough to meet their unique vocational needs and to improve the likelihood of their achieving personal and financial independence. The purpose of this study was to determine whether receiving appropriate complementary services would improve vocational outcomes and whether that relationship was mediated by indicators of well-being. Adults with a developmental disability who received job coaching (N = 47) were recruited to participate in this study. Records were reviewed to determine their service and employment history. Participants were administered questionnaires assessing quality of life, adaptive behavior, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Results suggest that receiving more services is associated with obtaining and maintaining employment. Some services, such as social outings and gendered group therapy, were more related to successful vocational outcomes than others, but well-being did not mediate these relationships.