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Arie Nakhmani

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Karthikeyan Lingasubramanian

Murat M Tanik

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Master of Engineering (MEng) School of Engineering


Range imaging plays an essential role in many fields: 3D modeling, robotics, heritage, agriculture, forestry, reverse engineering. One of the most popular range-measuring technologies is laser scanner due to its several advantages: longer range, highly precise and real-time measurement capabilities, no lighting condition dependency, and less computational power requirement. However, laser scanners are very costly. Their high cost limit their usage in applications with low-cost limitation, especially for static environments like heritage sites. In this work, we present an unsynchronized scanning with a low-cost laser range finders (LRFs) to decrease scanning period and reduce vibrations caused by “scan-stop” in synchronized scanning. Our technique lowers the cost of 3D laser scanners with the ratio of around 1/10. The results prove that our method can fulfill the need for a low-cost laser scanning for range imaging for static environments because the most significant limitation of the method is the scanning period which is about 2 minutes for 55,000 range points (resolution of 250x220 image). In contrast, scanning the same image takes around 4 minutes in synchronized scanning. Once there are faster LRFs available, the scanning period will respectively shorten.

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