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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) College of Arts and Sciences


The present study investigated the relevance of frustration tolerance and other psychological regulation factors (e.g., trait mindfulness, executive function) to long-term weight maintenance. Using a cross-sectional design, participants (N=91) were recruited from three behavioral weight loss interventions and categorized dichotomously (maintainer vs. regainer) based on their level of success in maintaining weight loss long term. Participants completed the Frustration Discomfort Scale (FDS), objective measures of executive functioning (EF), and self-report questionnaires. Poorer frustration tolerance was significantly associated with lower trait mindfulness, higher negative affectivity, and greater difficulties in self-reported EF. There were no differences by race or weight maintenance status. Maintainers outperformed regainers on a decision-making task and endorsed fewer symptoms of binge eating. Using hierarchical binary logistic regression modeling, current BMI was the only significant explanatory variable of weight loss maintenance (WLM) in covariate-adjusted models. This finding was robust, even after the addition of measures of dysregulated eating, decision-making, and frustration tolerance were added to the model. Factors outside of those proposed in this study may better elucidate the mechanisms behind successful WLM.



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