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This short story collection represents the various ideas people have of their childhood homes, mixing the nostalgia of childhood with the inability to escape the past. In "Table Manners," Dina leaves Philadelphia where she's seen success in advertising to visit her Alabama family for Thanksgiving. She's quickly at odds with her mother who values traditional roles of women over achievement in the business world. "Iron" is a piece of flash fiction that puts the reader right in the moment of an abused wife's attempted escape. In the midst of her leaving, she realizes she has another difficult choice she has to make. The lightest story in the collection, "Home Brew," takes the reader to narrator Pete's childhood home where he runs into his high school sweetheart. At the end, Pete and Laura are struck by the confines of adulthood and how things will never go back to the way they used to be. "Burned" closes the collection. Rhea Stewart is trying to find direction when she realizes she's pregnant. Between strained relationships with her mother and boyfriend, she feels she must choose where home for she and her child will be.



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