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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) College of Arts and Sciences


Changes in nutritional status, through glucose and amino acid restriction, have the ability to augment both the protein turnover and micro-RNA (miR) composition in the skeletal muscle of rainbow trout in vitro and in vivo. In vitro, the restriction of glucose in the media for a period of 24h was able to reduce protein synthesis by 41.2% compared to control conditions. In addition, 48h of glucose restriction affected the expression of both mstn2a and igfbp5, genes involved in muscle growth dynamics and synthesis. The restriction of amino acids, specifically the amino acid methionine, in vitro was able to reduce the expression of miR-133a, miR-206, and miR-210 at 48h. In vivo restriction of methionine for a period of 4 weeks reduced the expression of miR-133a in the skeletal muscle, restriction for a period of 8 weeks led to increased glucose tolerance and decreased muscle lipid content. Overall, these results suggest that rainbow trout skeletal muscle is dynamically able to cope with changes in nutritional status by augmenting protein synthesis and miR composition.