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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) School of Engineering


Piezoelectric sensors are made from piezo crystals. Some of these crystals are natural, some are synthetic. These crystals are made of quartz, topaz, Rochelle salt and lead titanate. Piezoelectric sensors run on an effect named as piezoelectric effect which occurs in sensor. When a piezoelectric material is placed exposed to mechanical stress, a shifting of the positive and negative charge centers in the material takes place, which then results in an external electrical field. The piezoelectric effect is very useful within many applications that involve the production and detection of sound, generation of high voltages, electronic frequency generation. In the project, we aim to build a prototype of a piezoelectric trail from which we can measure the pressure of the foot when person walks on it and diagnose the future disease like heel pain, arch pain, toe pain, back pain etc. We will be using micro-controller to get the results. To show results, we will be using small LCD screen because it consumes low power. This device will be very low cost and easy to use. It will be water and weatherproof. The main advantage is it will be completely off the grid. This will be very useful in rehabilitation where knee surgery patients are available.

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