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The purpose of this study was to explore teachers’ experiences in applying Charlotte Mason’s (1842-1923) philosophy to early childhood education. Research regarding Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophy is limited and no studies were found to address teachers’ application of her approach across various settings. In an attempt to fill this research gap, this study included four teachers from different settings; each of the teachers used Charlotte Mason’s approach in their classrooms. The research question was: How do teachers describe their experiences in applying Charlotte Mason’s philosophy to early childhood education? The research was conducted using a qualitative case study approach and data were collected in the form of interviews, observations, and reflective journals. Four themes were identified from the data: A Personal Philosophy, Classroom Atmosphere: Learning Together, Curriculum Planning and Implementation, and Response to Children. Potential applications and recommendations for future research were discussed. Additionally, the history of Charlotte Mason’s life, work, and legacy, as well as a description of her educational philosophy and teaching methods, were included in the literature review.

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