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Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE) School of Engineering


The goal of this report is to create a model for transforming underserved neighborhoods into smart, connected, healthy, and sustainable communities by focusing on the built environment. To do this, there must be a thorough neighborhood analysis of the existing conditions with recommendations for what needs to be done, both short term and long term. The built environment impacts many aspects of a neighborhood and the quality of life for residents. Sidewalks, streets, lighting, landscaping, and accessibility are all components of the built environment and research has continuously shown how the deterioration of the built environment affects the health and well-being of residents. In this report, there will be a study on what neighborhood revitalization needs to look like in order to be successful. Then there will be an analysis of the existing conditions of a neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama to help create recommendations that are applicable and possible. It is important to consider the design of a neighborhood when discussing revitalization needs and efforts. The built environment is an important and necessary element for creating healthy and sustainable communities. Built environment changes and investment carry the potential to transform a neighborhood with consistent maintenance and communal efforts.

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