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Murat M Tanik

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Gregory A Franklin

Dalton S Nelson

Murat N Tanju

B E Wells

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Engineering


The modeling of systems has been addressed in the physical sciences from the perspective of Energy and matter. The 3rd original idea of Communication as a means of modeling systems has been established and applied. In this study, we apply the 3rd original idea of communication to systems on a quantum level. By marrying Shannon's noisy communication channel to Feynman QED and Quantum Computing, we realize a visual model for the representation of the entropy of a noisy communication channel on a quantum scale. We also use that visual representation concept to define a geometric view into the superposition of a quantum register. The same concept will be used to define a quantum field for the representation of a quantum register. Finally, a quantum gate is developed to encapsulate Shannon's Noisy Channel Paradigm (SNCP) into a quantum operation.

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