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ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to examine the impact ninth grade interdisciplinary teaming had on academic achievement of ninth grade students in English, reading and mathematics. As more schools adopt the interdisciplinary teaming approach with ninth grade students, this study sought to investigate the dynamics of interdisciplinary teaming and traditional non-teaming instruction in an effort to educate high school and district administrators who are attempting to compose an appropriate educational model that will contribute to the success of ninth grade students. This quantitative study's quasi-experimental design examined ninth grade student achievement in math, English, and reading for students who were part of interdisciplinary teams during their freshman year of high school. A multiple linear regression analysis was used to determine the effect that the independent variables (gender, ethnicity, poverty, teaming, and SAT 10 scores) had on the dependent variable (the PLAN scores.) The population of this study consisted of ninth grade students from two suburban high schools. One school implemented interdisciplinary teaming in ninth grade and the other implemented traditional, non-teaming instruction for high school students in grades 9-12. Both schools had similar demographics in gender and poverty, but differed in ethnicity. Of all the independent variables, the eighth grade SAT-10 scores had the greatest predictive power for math, reading, and English PLAN scores. Ethnicity also had predictive power in math, reading and English PLAN scores with Caucasian students scoring significantly higher than African-American students. In addition, gender, poverty, and teaming status did not appear to have predictive power for math, English, or reading PLAN scores.

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