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Eta S Berner (Weiss)

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Jorge Alsip

Andres Azuero

Darrell Burke

Larry Hearld

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Health Professions


This study examined certain aspects of the association between information technology (IT) strategy and structure changes within hospitals, as well as the effects of IT infrastructure changes on measures of financial performance for these hospitals during the period of 2009-2011. Following the Process School of the Resource Based View, both internal and external information technology resources were examined to see how hospitals had responded to Federal policies related to the "meaningful use" of Health IT and Electronic Health records. Specifically, this study examined changes in information technology spending by hospitals based on size, hospital type, and percentage of revenue derived from Medicare and Medicaid. It also examined the relationship of changes in hospital information technology resources with EHR strategies, financial performance, and physician staffing. The current study found support for increased spending on information technology by non-academic hospitals, as well as those with the highest percentage of revenue from Medicaid or Medicare, during the period just prior to and including the first year of "meaningful use" incentives. It also found support for the benefit of a hospital Chief Information Officer, and evidence for the growth of wireless in hospitals to accommodate employed and affiliated physicians.



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