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Gunter Stolz

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Christian Hainzl

Ryoichi Kawai

Boris Kunin

Zhijian Wu

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) College of Arts and Sciences


Central to the study of the motion of an electron in a structurally disordered medium under a tight-binding approximation is the family of discrete Schrodinger operators of the form h +V. The h term models the kinetic energy of the electron and the potential term V models the medium, the environment through which the electron moves. The potential V, indexed by a so-called displacement configuration, is formed by summing identical single-site potentials which have been displaced from the points of a sublattice of Z. The goal of this work is to investigate certain spectral properties of the operators h + V. More specifically, we investigate which displacement configurations give the smallest (and largest) almost-sure spectral minimum (and maximum). We address uniqueness questions and give a detailed discussion of the simplest one-dimensional case, the Bernoulli displacement model.



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