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Hessam Taherian

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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) School of Engineering


Science and technological advancement, environmental pollution, government policies and rising energy costs have long since begun redefining the way power is generated, distributed and utilized. Considering the much higher standards relative to common practices, distributed energy power generation has proven to be a viable alternative to centralized power generation due to the many advantages such as energy generation and control independence, lower greenhouse emissions and significant reduction in transmission losses. This research considers a natural gas-powered internal combustion engine with trigeneration capabilities or combined cooling heating and power (CCHP) as well as renewable energy incorporation including solar panels and possibly solar thermal. TRNSYS software is used to create a numerical model by assembling the components as it would be in real life and running a simulation. In modeling the building, SKETCHUP and OpenStudio will be used to create thermal zones as in a single-family two story detached house with conventional floor plans. The model will then be imported into the TRNSYS environment for further analysis. Optimization of the system would be primary, and with a targeted energy utilization factor of 95%, this research will seek to provide substantial and convincing data for future installations.

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