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Doctor of Education (EdD) School of Education


The purpose of this study was to explore the academic advising experiences of first-generation students at a public, historically black college and university (HBCU) in the southeastern United States. A qualitative analysis using a phenomenological multiple case study approach was used to explore the students' academic advising experiences. The theoretical framework for this study consisted of: the Interactionalist Theory of College Student Departure (Tinto, 1987, 2006), the Theory of Involvement (Astin, 1984, 1999), and the Psychological Model for Student Retention (Bean & Eaton, 2000). In their interviews, participants were asked questions from an approved interview protocol. The questions were open-ended in structure to allow the researcher to follow with probing questions and to allow participants to freely express themselves about their academic advising experiences. Data from the interviews were transcribed, coded, and reviewed to ensure trustworthiness and credibility. The findings indicated that there were mitigating factors impacting the retention of first-generation students other than their academic advising experiences. Through the candid reflections of these students, I hope to inform the fields of academic advising and retention about first-generation students' expectations and thoughts regarding their academic advising experiences.

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