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TEACHER AND STUDENT PERCEPTIONS OF WHAT MOTIVATES READING IN AFRICAN AMERICAN MALES ENROLLED IN DEVELOPMENTAL READING CLASSES DOMINIQUE PRINCE EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP ABSTRACT Research has indicated that effective literacy skills are needed participate fully in society and become productive employees. Still, many high school graduates lack the essential literary skills needed. In spite of African American males continuing to value literacy, some are not performing to levels of proficiency. Understanding the impact teachers and educational leaders have on students’ reading achievement, attention has been placed on students’ motivation to read. The purpose of this qualitative multiple case analysis was to explore what motivated reading in African American males enrolled in developmental reading classes at a Central Alabama Community College. Four theoretical frameworks – acquired needs, drive, extrinsic motivation, and intrinsic motivation – were utilized in this study. A multiple case analysis allowed the researcher to explore and gather information through in-depth interviews and reflective journaling with nine African American male students and three of their teachers. The analysis of data revealed four themes and corresponding subthemes. A cross case analysis denoted similarities and differences among student and teacher perceptions of what motivated reading in African American males. Major themes that emerged were (a) motivators to read (b) obstacles/factors that impeded motivation (c) ideas on personal improvement and (d) qualities of effective readers/teachers. The study offered practitioners in the field of education insight on students’ motivational behaviors. Collegiate faculty along with administrators and teachers within the K-12 setting have access to pertinent strategies to prepare students for college, employment, and to become productive members of society. It revealed what was needed to assist African American males in reaching their full potential of becoming proficient in reading and successful in their literacy-based homes and jobs. Knowing what motivates reading among African American males serves as a gateway to reading intervention. Because this study explained how they are motivated, teachers and educational leaders have access to a blueprint for culturally relevant instructional teaching practices; graduating students who are college and/or career ready. Keywords: Reading Achievement, African American Males, Culturally Relevant, Education and Intervention, Principals, Teaching Practices

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