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Akhlaque Haque

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Nevbahar Ertas

Sunjoo Kwak

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Master of Public Administration (MPA) College of Arts and Sciences


After more than twelve years of major humanitarian, security and development aid and assistance from international community, the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan prepares to shift back security arrangements throughout the country from the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) to Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF). As this transition takes place, the majority of Afghan population and a large number of donor nations and international aid organizations that provided aid to Afghanistan since 2002 are concerned as whether or not this transition will also result in the transition of Afghanistan from conflict to stability, confirming success of the international community in building an independent, secure and economically developed Afghanistan. In this thesis, I review external aid and its usage in development of different sectors in Afghanistan. Specifically, I compare and analyze the situation of various policy areas today to the years before 2002. Overall, this analysis finds that although significant achievements have been made in many areas since 2002, security remains a major problem and a threat to the sustainability of aid in Afghanistan. Also, the governmental institutions remain fragile and unable to provide effective governance, efficiently deliver basic services to the population and guarantee human security in the country.



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