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Akhlaque Haque

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Erin Borry

Nevbahar Ertas

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Master of Public Administration (MPA) College of Arts and Sciences


Upon entering college, students that identify as LGBTQQ often search for schools that are accepting and have a good or positive campus climate for that identity group. This problem of safety and security for LGBTQQ people is not just restricted to college campuses, it is a daily struggle that effects the society at large. The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate the current campus climate at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. To do this, a survey was conducted, then an evaluation of current policies, and the completion of the Campus Pride Campus Climate Index. The use of all three tools will show the beginning pictures of what the campus climate is for LGBTQQ identified students, faculty, and staff. The implications of this work are far reaching. It will allow the university to begin to identify areas of improvement, and allow other researchers some pilot data to base their justifications off of.



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