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16s rrna gene sequencing to evaluate the effects of six commonly prescribed antibiotics kendall slaton, dmd dentistry abstract introduction: the rapid antibiotic sensitivity test (rast) is a novel in-office culture and sensitivity system for endodontic infections. the purpose of this research was to validate the rast system as a viable, in-office alternative to antibiotic sensitivity testing using turbidity, to determine antibiotic sensitivities of endodontic infections. methods: aspirates were taken from the root canals of nine necrotic human teeth at the initiation of root canal therapy. these samples were cultured in the rast medium and antibiotic sensitivity to six antibiotics was tested. further testing was done by 16s rrna gene sequencing. results: 31 bacterial phyla were identified as well as two phyla of the kingdom archaea. augmentin and ampicillin performed identically at 24 hours, inhibiting turbidity in 100% of samples. at 48 hours in anaerobic conditions, augmentin outperformed ampicillin by 13%. ciprofloxacin was the least efficacious antibiotic. at 48 hours, only 22% of anaerobic ciprofloxacin cultures effectively inhibited bacterial growth. conclusions: the rast medium is a viable in-office alternative to antibiotic susceptibility testing in an off-site lab. it is able to support the growth of a wide variety of microorganisms in both aerobic and anaerobic environments and, in combination with 16s rrna gene sequencing it led to the identification of a new archaebacterial phylum, crenarchaeota, as part of the endodontic infection microbiome.

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