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PERCEPTIONS OF FOUR PRINCIPALS OF SOUTHEASTERN AWARD-WINNING URBAN SCHOOLS ON SCHOOL, FAMILY, AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT ELEANOR V. STOKES EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP ABSTRACT The purpose of this qualitative case study was to gain insight through examining the experiences of four urban award-winning schools' principals with regard to school, family, and community involvement, and the perceived effects of such participation on student achievement as reflected in the schools' Adequate Yearly Progress Report. This qualitative study examined the ways in which four elementary and middle school principals perceived family and community involvement in their school. Major themes that emerged from the study were relationships, communication, school climate and culture, volunteering, and challenges and benefits. These themes are consistent with Epstein's overlapping spheres of influence [Epstein, J. L. (1990). School and family connections.... Marriage and Family Review, 15, 99-126]. Data were obtained by interviewing the four principals. The tape-recorded interviews were transcribed and analyzed in order to determine emergent themes from each case and across cases. The principals indicated that family and community involvement were present in their school. These data were corroborated by yearly family involvement summary data gathered by the school system. In addition, Adequate Yearly progress was verified via State Department of Education data. Implications for educators reflect a need for building relationships and for training families and community members in ways of developing strategies to support the local school. Also needed are the institution of ongoing professional development for educators in nurturing relationships and the directed leading of stakeholders in collaborative efforts to increase student academic achievement.

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