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Murat M Tanik

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Leon Jololian

Mohammad R Haider

Karthik Lingasubramanian

Buren Earl Wells

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Engineering


We introduce a framework for enterprise systems based on process-centered analysis. Because technology has drastically altered many aspects of our lives, such as work, leisure, travel, government, and company interactions worldwide, companies must strategically consider the Internet of Things in order to thrive in the new economy. Tanik and Jololian offered early work in this area, and included an analysis of the T-Strategy introduced by R.T. Yeh et al. in their book “Zero-time.” Our approach builds on this decade-old work, and involves the introduction of information flow analysis to process improvement [1]. We have identified two key points: centralization and Internet of Things (IoT). Value-based modeling of enterprise systems is necessary to a systematic approach in building online enterprises. There is an emerging interest among researchers in replacing business development’s current ad hoc nature, referred to as the value-based model, with an advanced tool designed to address strategic operations and improve operational processes of enterprise systems. This dissertation identifies many dimensions of the framework of enterprise systems, which is developers’ chief focus when building online enterprises using IoT technologies. We attempt to cover the issues pertinent to the design of enterprise systems, including their conceptualization and construction. Internet enterprises that use IoT technologies will benefit significantly if we improve their core competency; thus, our iv approach concentrates on enterprise resources and business processes to improve core competency by using information flow with Zero-Time principles and the information technology enterprise architecture model. Our main contribution is a value-based model of enterprises with automatic information collection and information flow simulation, which most modern enterprises are not currently considering.

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