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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Education


The primary purpose of this study was to investigate Saudi teachers' practices in developing economic values for kindergarten children, in Eastern region (Qatif city). The researcher also looked at teachers' awareness of Saudi Vision 2030 educational goals. The research was conducted using a convergent mixed methods design. In the quantitative strand, data was collected from 263 teachers using questionnaires. Data was collected from seven knowledgeable teachers using semi-structured interviews in the qualitative strand. The qualitative and quantitative data were analyzed independently through content analysis for the qualitative data and a Google Forms for quantitative data. Results from both strands were then integrated to make a meta-inferences or an overall conclusions of the mixed methods question being studied. The central mixed methods question was: What greater understanding of Saudi kindergarten teachers’ practices in developing children’s economic values emerges from the combination of the interview and questionnaire data? Combing both strands provided an insightful finding that Saudi teachers utilized many effective teaching strategies and practices to assist development of economic values for kindergarten children. Also, Saudi teachers have some knowledge about Saudi Vision 2030, but it is still limited. The surveyed Saudi teachers agreed that family participation in the educational process is essential to strengthening children's learning, although they are experiencing some challenges implementing this practice. Lastly, Saudi teachers are aware of the importance of teaching economic values to kindergarten age children, but they emphasize the value of giving. They do not want children to forget the value of helping others or be stingy. Implications and recommendations for policy makers, teachers and future researchers are provided.

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