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Mubenga N Nkashama

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Ian W Knowles

Yanni Zeng

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Master of Science (MS) College of Arts and Sciences


Morse Theory is a subset of manifold theory that looks at non-degenerate critical points of functions on manifolds. The Morse Lemma allows for a local coordinate system to be made around a non-degenerate critical point to express the function in a standard form. When these properties come together to describe the manifold on a global level it can have significant results related to its various diffeomorphisms. I will discuss some of these unique properties that Morse Theory has in identifying the generalized shape of surfaces, and then expand that into finitely many dimensions. I will show that any smooth function on the manifold can be approximated in some sense by a function where all the critical points are non-degenerate. I will end by discussing the shape and decomposition of handlebodies in m-dimensions.