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Murat M Tanik

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Leon Jololian

Mohammad R Haider

Karthik Lingasubramanian

Buren Earl Wells

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Engineering


In this research I present a rigorous study on the service continuity and quality assurance using the Internet of Things (IoT). The research aims at identifying risks and improving the risk mitigation tools that are currently in use for improving the IoT performance, and for pushing forward the implementation of IoT in mission critical applications. This objective can be accomplished by identifying the impact of the strategic planning, quality assurance, performance assurance, and risk management on the IoT used in businesses. While the focus is mainly on the business continuity domain, the technical aspects of IoT solutions are also covered. The unique contributions are two folds. First, the service continuity objects are recognized and categorized with their properties. Second, several methods are proposed to mitigate the service fallbacks and reduce the risk factors in IoT service discontinuity. The contribution of the research should extend to the technical aspect of IoT. Little work has been done to assess the IoT technology risks in ultra-low power devices. The implementation of these devices is on the rise and more work has to be done to ensure that they meet the minimum continuity certification requirements with reliability, availability and responsiveness. In this research, I will try to find the optimal solution with continuity and quality assurance when we use the IoT. This is by using strategic plans based on ii international standard strategic foundations and theories, after obtaining the actual results from the strategic planning tools. Moreover, several factors must be taken into consideration, such as reliability, availability, speed of response, continuity, and quality. To the best of my knowledge, this work is one of the first to reflect on IoT continuity in a business assurance context. It also presents a unique approach in identifying the objects contribution to the business assurance by identifying static parameters that are persistent over time, and variable parameters that change over the course of time. In my approach I identify seven areas for IoT continuity and quality assurance: connected manufacturing, asset tracking, marketing, transportation and delivery, smart technologies, data and analytics, and security.

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