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Wireless charging system in current market usually uses Class D oscillator in the transceiver side, however, this design is highly power consumption and low transfer efficiency. In this report, Class E oscillator is used to decrease the power consumption. Class E oscillator is perfectly zero voltage switching and high transfer efficiency. To increase the wireless transfer efficiency, spiral PCB inductor is also used as the wireless charging pad. Spiral PCB inductor usually uses for RF circuit with high accurately, moreover, the inductance and Q-factor is higher than current wireless charging coil with Litz or magnetic wire. In the receiver side, the latest chip, LTC4120, is used to obtain the fast charging speed. In the simulation, the charging current can go up to 1 A, which can charge a 1C battery in 10 mins. The system would be installed on Crazyflie, a tiny quadrotor is used as an unmanned aerial vehicle and a platform for data communication. Crazyflie is a latest quadrotor which includes small but powerful microcontroller core, STM32F405. STM32F4 series is the latest embedded CPU from ARM 32-bit Cortex, which can do multitasking as a basic computer. High efficiency of this chip makes it often be used in the military and industries. However, high power consumption and complicate coding environment are two challenges. In this paper, the Crazyflie can follow the specific route, landing on the charging pad, and start transfer data. In the data communication, the real-time accelerator is used to test the vibration for bridge or other building. This device can be used for Civil department and other subjects. Some building is dangerous to climb or doing analysis. This quadrotor can land on the target easily and avoid people be injured.

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