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Karthikeyan Lingasubramanian

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Leon Jololian

Mohammad Rafiqul Haider

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Master of Electrical Engineering (MEE) School of Engineering


Modern integrated circuits (ICs) are vulnerable due to the emergence of Hardware Trojans (HTs). The semiconductor industry has been split into several sections caused by the market demand. This trend increased the risk that ICs could be embedded with Trojans for malicious purpose. Hardware Trojan (HT) is an extra circuity, which carried malicious functions. Hardware Trojan can be tiny-size and stealthy to detect, due to their sophisticated design and rare activation. Detecting methodologies are mainly focused on three directions: Supply chain phase detection, Run time phase detection and Design phase detection. Recently, most of the researchers trend to utilize logic testing and side-channel analysis to detect Trojans. However, both two methods have advantages and weaknesses. Logic testing performed excellent in less inputs pattern circuits and acts struggling in testing a large amount of inputs. Side-channel analysis is effective in the small-scale circuits and the detecting result is heavily effected by process variations. In this work, static power-based side-channel analysis assisted by power gating method is proposed. The intention of introducing power gating method is to improve the performance of side-channel analysis in large scale circuits.

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