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Fouad H Fouad

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Ian E Hosch

Robert W Peters

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Master of Civil Engineering (MCE) School of Engineering


The objective of this project is to investigate the efficiency of a newly developed structurally integrated surface articulation (SISA) building system for encapsulating an extensive range of specific and multi-purpose functions such as exterior panels for buildings and solar panels for structural engineering applications. SISA is a modular system, consisting of a 3-space, dynamically configured, geometrically need renewal surface panels that are internally supported by a "wire-frame" space frame structure. The appropriate articulations to these different methods will vary from one element to another. Surface articulation development is an efficiently developing issue, especially in continuing research on new generational frame techniques for architectural engineering systems. This research investigates the efficiency of a given panel configuration for enhancing the structural properties through composite action between the outer articulated surface panels and the internal space frame. Architectural design is not only an issue of materials but also the attentive connections of equipment on the surface of the building. The project examines surface panels made of sheet metal and smart glass, plastic (i.e., sheet plastic attached to rigid structural foam) in combination with a variety of 3-space polyhedron and honeycomb configuration modules such as tetrahedral and convex polygonal faces for the optimal large-scale structural efficiency of architectural engineering. The project also addresses the history of architectural development process background and gives some examples designed by SISA.

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