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Yogesh L Vohra

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Susan L Bellis

Derrick R Dean

Alan W Eberhardt

Vinoy Thomas

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Engineering


A bi-layer electrospun nano-fibrous scaffold comprising synthetic polymers and natural proteins was constructed as the prototype of an arterial substitute for coronary ar-tery disease. This scaffold featured a highly porous microstructure analogous to native extracellular matrix. Uni-axial tensile test suggested that its excellent mechanical strength could restore normal blood flow immediately after implantation. Subsequent biocompati-bility study demonstrated that scaffolding materials, either traditional or degraded, were non-toxic to the regenerated human endothelium on the luminal layer. Moreover, this re-generated endothelium possessed critical functions, such as the formation of tight junc-tions, the secretion of prostacyclin, and the prevention of platelet adhesion. Thereafter, porcine endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) harvested from the peripheral blood were used to explore the in situ regeneration of a functional endothelium. The EPCs constructed within 24 hours a confluent endothelial layer that was capable of preventing platelet adhesion, suggesting that this scaffold would provide a favorable milieu in vivo for the arterial regeneration.

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