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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) College of Arts and Sciences


Limited availability of resources regarding developmental issues, health literacy, linguistic-sensitivity (i.e., use of linguistically appropriate resources and measures), structural barriers (i.e., appointment length, transportation), and cultural values and beliefs are commonly-cited barriers in identifying Latine autistic children. Stigma may also play a role, as it is negatively related to both knowledge/awareness within ASD and to acculturation in other disorders (i.e., HIV). Stigma can have detrimental, pervasive effects on daily living for those stigmatized and their families. Limited research examined the rate, presentation, and effect of ASD stigma within the Latine community, and all available studies explored stigma as reported by Latine parents of autistic children using explicit measures. The present studies elucidate how explicit ASD stigma presents in Latine populations. The first paper examines rates of implicit attitudes towards disability across sociodemographic variables. The second paper addresses explicit attitudes and beliefs towards ASD within the Latine community, as well as the effect on social support and inclusion. The present studies provide information to guide interventions on public awareness and knowledge of ASD in a linguistically and culturally sensitive manner to reduce stigma, assist families of autistic individuals, and utilize strengths of collectivistic culture to increase knowledge of ASD and inclusivity.



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