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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) School of Engineering


We have developed and presented a value-based modeling (VBM) framework for optimal solar energy utilization and monitoring. Our model adopts a universal approach that prioritizes values to ensuring a comprehensive analysis of solar energy systems by recognizing the complexities and intricacies of the renewable energy landscape. To determine the robustness and applicability of our VBM framework, we subjected it to a real-world test through a detailed case study focusing on Net-Metering Monitoring System. This validation reinforced the model's efficacy and showcased its potential as a dynamic tool for decision-making in solar energy. Using Shannon's entropy method, we recorded the optimal efficiency in solar power usage of the case study. These results, in terms of entropy values, highlight the stable and efficient use of solar energy after the implication of our value-based modeling framework. Additionally, our model has proven highly predictive, delivering accurate forecasts for net-metering values. Such predictive accuracy emphasizes the model's potential to assist utility providers, policymakers, and consumers make informed decisions about solar energy utilization. Hence, we introduce a pioneering Value-based Modeling framework for solar energy and highlight its practical significance and potential impact in optimizing and monitoring solar energy systems. Ultimately, we encouraged a sustainable and value-driven energy future.

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