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Among Black adolescent males, classroom discrimination is associated with lower academic performance, academic self-concept, and value placed on education. Although efforts aimed at eliminating racism and discrimination should be made, it is important to identify interventions that may mitigate the effects of discrimination on academic outcomes of Black adolescent males. Previously identified protective factors include positive racial socialization, positive racial identity, and Black role models. Thus, this project attempted to integrate these protective factors into a unified intervention approach in which Black role models deliver positive racial socialization messages to enhance positive racial identity and academic enablers through films. Preexisting levels of racial socialization were also investigated as a moderator of the intervention effects on racial identity and academic enablers while preexisting levels of racial identity were examined as a moderator of the intervention effects on academic enablers. A sample of 30 Black males from the 9th and 10th grades were recruited from the Birmingham, Alabama metropolitan area. The results suggest that the intervention positively affected the oppressed minority dimension of racial identity and positively impacted academic motivation. However, the intervention also negatively impacted nationalism, humanism, and academic engagement. Furthermore, positive racial socialization moderated the intervention effect on private regard, public regard, nationalism, and study skills while negative racial socialization moderated the intervention effect on oppressed minority, assimilation, and interpersonal skills. Finally, all racial identity dimensions moderated the intervention effects on some academic enablers. The present intervention provides evidence for a potential novel intervention aimed at enhancing racial identity and academic enablers in Black adolescent males.



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