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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) School of Engineering


The current work introduces an innovative methodology for modeling heat exchangers inside the passive heat removal system (PHRS) of water-water energetic reactor (VVER) nuclear power facilities. PHRS serves a crucial role in ensuring the secure and effective dissipation of residual heat produced during the shutdown of a reactor. Nevertheless, the current heat exchanger models exhibit deficiencies in terms of their thorough depiction of the geometric structure and thermal properties, hence limiting their precision and suitability for various applications.This study introduces a novel approach to modeling heat exchangers, with a specific emphasis on accurately representing complex geometric characteristics and including thermodynamic behavior that closely resembles real-world conditions. This work integrates empirical data with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations in order to construct a reliable and verified model for a heat exchanger. The suggested model incorporates a comprehensive geometric depiction of heat exchanger tubes, taking into account several parameters such the presence of roughness on the outside surface and smoothness on the interior surface. Moreover, a detailed characterization of the thermal performance of the heat exchangers is conducted, taking into consideration factors such as heat leakage, pressure drops, and heat transfer coefficients. The results of this study provide significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of heat exchangers in the PHRS of nuclear power reactors, particularly in terms of their design, analysis, and optimization. The expanded comprehension and simulation of these pivotal elements lead to heightened levels of safety, efficiency, and dependability in the realm of nuclear power production.

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