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Master of Science (MS) School of Optometry


Purpose: The aim of this study was to assess the subjective performance of four different multifocal contact lenses (MFCLs) amongst a population of adults excluding presbyopes. Methods: Forty-three subjects were fit with up to four different lenses (Biofinity “D” MFCL, NaturalVue MFCL, MiSight 1 Day contact lens, & Intelliwave MFCL). Information about vision and comfort were gathered using subjective assessments. Pupil size data were gathered as secondary outcome measurements. Results: There were no significant differences in ghosting, haloes, and visual clarity between larger and smaller pupils. All MFCLs had reduced overall visual clarity compared to habitual correction except for Biofinity. There was a significant difference between lenses regarding vision clarity, stability, and comfort. Conclusions: Our study shows that there are differences between MFCLs in regard to vision and comfort. The lenses that ranked higher for vision and comfort were also most likely to be purchased. Pupil size did not appear to have a effect on visual performance between the MFCLs. Given these findings, practitioners should base their treatments on objective findings and the patients’ subjective experience to increase successful fittings.

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