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Purpose of this study was to compare age and gender differences in hip extension (HE) and flexion (HF) relative (5, 25, and 50% of maximal voluntary contraction [MVC]) and absolute (25 Nm) torque steadiness measured as standard deviation (SD) and coefficient of variation (CV) of torque fluctuations, and torque accuracy (TA). MVC and steadiness were assessed for 20 young (24.0 + 2.2 yrs) and 11 older (65.4 + 4.5 yrs) men and women. MVC was lower for HF, but HE had greater torque fluctuations. For HE, CV of 5% MVC was greater for older compared to young adults and women compared to men (p< 0.05). For both HE and HF older were less accurate (higher TA) than young adults at 25 Nm. Results indicate age-related decline in torque steadiness especially at lower relative target torque levels in the HE. There were no age or gender differences for the HF.

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