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Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (MSBME) School of Engineering


The mechanisms of life threatening cardiac arrhythmias such as ventricular tachycardia (VT) and fibrillation (VF) are very complex. The 3D reconstruction of electrical activity helps us to understand these complex arrhythmias. A new isolated heart preparation and combined electrical and optical mapping system was developed to simultaneously record surface and intramural activation patterns. Epicardial activity on a 6 cm by 6 cm region of the left ventricular wall was recorded optically with 1mm by 1mm spatial resolution using voltage sensitive fluorescent dye (di-4-ANNEPS) and a high speed CCD video camera. Intramural activation patterns were recorded using specially fabricated fiberglass plunge needle electrodes (0.46 mm diameter). The needles were inserted in two intersecting rows (vertical: 23 needles 2mm apart with 6 electrodes per needle with 2mm spacing; and horizontal: 25 needles 2mm apart with 6 electrodes per needle with 2mm spacing). The electrical and optical mapping systems were registered spatially and temporally. Dual mapping of epicardial and intramural activation patterns in a left ventricular preparation with 400ms pacing interval was performed to test the efficacy of this new method. This preparation and recording system can be used to relate epicardial and intramural activation patterns during complex arrhythmias.

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