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Night Moves, the title of this collection of poetry, will most likely be familiar to readers as derived from the FM radio staple by Detroit songwriter Bob Seger. Seger’s song is an attempt to understand and navigate a past that is essentially lost to him, and I see each of these poems as “night moves” in that I am writing to a past that is lost to me and that I am fervently attempting to in some way record. That this title is born of the rock and roll ethos is also certainly intentional; I spent a great deal of the last decade or so as a traveling professional musician. The nighttime transience, the solitude and emptiness, the beauty of movement and travel that were the essence of such an existence is, in part, a theme that I wish to explore within the scope of these poems. Further, I found writing this collection an extension of that theme, one that revealed to me that all writing is a journey, and that in my own writing, I am taking part in a similar kind of “travel” I experienced as a musician. The empty road that lay before me is no different from the empty page, and both hold for me enormous promise.



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